Shankar Sah Vikramshila Mahavidyalay

(A Constituent unit of T.M Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur)
Kahalgaon, Bhagalpur (Bihar), PIN- 813203
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S S V College, Kahalgaon, a constituent unit of T.M. Bhagalpur University is situated on the hill in the heart of town kahalgoan named after the great Risi ‘Kahal’ (The father of famous ‘Astavakra Muni’) residing near Uttar-Vahini ‘Ganga’ The college was established on 3rd December in the year 1967 on the basis of magnanimous efforts of  devoted citizens of kahalgaon who were overwhelmed with the feeling to reproduce the lost ancient glory of
‘Vikramshila Mahavihar’ in the field of learning to young ones.The college imparts co-education from intermediate to graducation level in 17subjects in the faculty of Arts & Science with Honours (almost in all subjects). It provides excellent library and laboratories with vocational courses likeBCA, Functional English & Hindi, the degree of IGNOU, B.Ed.-courses etc.are to be started soon. Learning of morality, hospitality, fraternity, self discipline etc. is the motto of education. The commended NCC & NSS wings are the fascination for students. It pays special inclination towards games, sports and extra curricular activities. Teaching with shining result is the significance of the temple of learning.
The old tradition of dedicated and qualified teachers in different disciplines may be peeped in the cultural programmes and seminars during the wholeyears.  To sum up, S S V College with its glorious achievements is ever ready to spread its arms to embrance its new learners from the very beginning of its blossoming with the sloka of
I feel a sense of relief and satisfaction to know that the college is gearing up for Ist. Cycle Assessment &  ccreditation by NAAC. It is not only desirable but also mandatory to replace the old order and system and replace it with the new. Today it is a great challenge to transform our human resources into wealth as academically sound, professionally skilled and socially responsible, environmentally conscious and equips them to compete in a multi cultural environment. We have taken meticulous efforts in materializing our vision and mission. I believe in the principle of participative management, where every member of the institute from menial staff to top management contributes their mite for the development of the institution. This ‘Self Study Report’ is the result of the perseverant grit and passion of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the college, who worked day and night. I extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all the teaching, non-teaching and administrative staff of this college who
contributed in the preparation of this SSR. I specially congratulate Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh, Coordinator NAAC Steering Committee and Dr. R K Sah for their untiring, dedicated and sincere efforts. I take this opportunity to convey my gratitude to the Management of our college, the administrative staff as well as the support staff for assisting me
wholeheartedly in fulfilling our stated vision of “Empowerment through Education” and thereby make this institution a center for excellence in the global context. Hope we shall have the pleasure of hearing soon from you on your decision on Peer Team Visit for Inspection.

(Dr. Jayant Singh)

  • Classes start from tomorrow 31.07.2018 semester one 7 o'clock semester two 10:30 o'clock